Guaranteed Rent Scheme in Leeds

Your rent guaranteed in Leeds, no matter what happens

Letting a property in Leeds can be a great way to make money – when the property is occupied. But what happens inbetween tenants? Or if a tenant fails to meet their obligations? And what if you have problems finding good tenants in Leeds in the first place?

Enjoy a Leeds rental income, even when the property is empty

My Guaranteed Rent service guarantees that you, the property owner, enjoy a rental income on your Leeds property no matter what. And, because I’ll cover any legal fees should there be a dispute or a tenant needs evicting, it removes the risk even more.

On top of this I’ll manage every aspect of the tenancy such as finding suitable Leeds tenants and taking care of the minor maintenance issues that can blight a landlord’s life. All with no fees, commission or hidden extras – just guaranteed rent, even when your Leeds property is vacant.

Some property management companies offer schemes that insure landlords against loss of rent. Others effectively become ‘your tenant’ and sublet the property. My Guaranteed Rent service is neither of these. Instead, it offers you all the benefits with none of the drawbacks.

Guaranteed Rent, even when the property is vacant? Now that’s got to be worth having a conversation about!

To talk to Andy direct, please call Leeds (0113) 278 3379 or contact him by clicking here.

A total ‘hands off’ solution

My Guaranteed Rent service is the perfect hassle-free letting solution whether you’re a new or experienced investor, and whether you have one property in Leeds or a whole portfolio.

  • Rent guaranteed, even when vacant
  • No tenant worries
  • No fees
  • No commission
  • No hidden extras

I will assess the Leeds property, location, rentability and condition, and then come back to you with a proposal.

Then, if we’re both happy, I can offer you Guaranteed Rent on a short or long term basis, depending on your needs.

Talk to me on Leeds (0113) 278 3379 to find out more.

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