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A total ‘hands off’ property refurbishment service

Knowing how and where to add value to your Leeds property is important if you want to achieve excellent returns. And one of the primary ways you can get the most from a property is by refurbishing it to a high standard before getting it back onto the market quickly.

From simple makeovers to full refurbishments

I offer a complete ‘hands off’ Property Refurbishment Service aimed at helping you to turn your Leeds properties around faster to maximise your returns.

I’ll visit your property, suggest ideas for improvement, agree costs and timescales, and then project manage the entire property refurbishment process from start to finish on your behalf.

In other words, if you want to add value to a Leeds property, have a word with me and I’ll put together a hassle-free schedule designed to achieve the best returns – whether it’s a simple makeover, a full refurbishment or conversions of houses into multiple lets or flats.

Add value to your Leeds property where it counts

From years of property refurbishment experience, I know what improvements add value to a property and what don’t, so there’s never any risk of wasting money or time. And, because I use my own trusted teams of contractors and trade discounts, I can cut costs without cutting back on quality.

So what you get is a first-class property refurbishment specifically engineered to maximise the sale price or rental income. Plus, because you can turn the property around faster, you’re not saddled with extra mortgage repayments or utility bills.

Just as important, my Property Refurbishment Service allows you to focus on your next property. And, because you’ll turn that property around faster, too, you’ll see just how quickly the profits can add up!

To talk to Andy direct, please call Leeds (0113) 278 3379 or contact him by clicking here.

How I maximise your profit

The longer a property is off the market, the more it’s costing you in terms of mortgage repayments, utility bills and so on. Therefore turning a property around quickly is key to making the most from your investment.

Of course the higher the property spec, the higher the potential sale price or rental income. And if you can keep any refurbishment costs to a minimum, there’s the potential to make even more. With my Property Refurbishment Service you benefit from:

  • A single project manager who oversees the property refurbishment – from start to finish
  • The knowledge to refurbish a property to suit your targeted tenant or buyers market
  • Knowing what’s involved in advance: costs, timescale, etc
  • My experience – I instinctively know where and how to add the most value to a property
  • Saving money by using my contractors and trade discounts
  • Reducing refurbishment costs by recycling existing fixtures and materials
  • Minimising other expenses e.g. mortgage payments and utility costs
  • Turning a property around faster so you can focus on the next property in your portfolio

About Andy

I’m an experienced Leeds-based property buyer and investor – and, over the years, I’ve built up a substantial investment portfolio both for myself and for my clients.
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